Best PLM Software Systems

The best PLM software systems support all of a business’s product-related processes, from the first product idea all the way to product service.

PLM, or product lifecycle management, is the process of managing a product s entire lifecycle from the moment the idea was conceived, through design and manufacturing, to distribution and the eventual retirement of the product. PLM also describes the engineering aspect of the product, including its properties.

PLM software helps businesses generate systematic plans to ensure that their products meet market demands at the lowest possible cost. Using a centralized PLM system avoids mistakes and conflicts by keeping stakeholders informed of design and manufacturing details, such as the bill of materials (BOM), pertinent compliance records, and the suppliers for each part of the product.

Benefits of using a PLM software system

The best PLM software systems offers a number of benefits:

  • PLM systems ensure that products comply with specific regulatory standards and adhere to industry regulations.

  • PLM manages products even after they leave the factory. For example, if an issue with the display of a specific phone model arises, the company can easily check if that display has also been used in other devices. PLM software makes it easy to recall the affected devices and minimize the cost of the replacement.

  • PLM increases productivity, helping companies reduce infrastructure costs, improve operational efficiency, and accelerate time to market.

  • PLM products help businesses have a deeper and fuller understanding of the product and product lifecycle to prevent over-buying or under-buying materials.

What are the best PLM software systems?

The best PLM software systems are:


  • Upchain

  • Siemens Teamcenter

  • Infor Optiva

  • Autodesk Vault


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