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    In Windows Vista, Parental Controls is a new feature designed to let parents set controls for their children’s computer use. Parental Controls are located in the Control Panel in Vista. To use Parental Controls, you first need to set up a new user account. The Parental Controls will be associated with this user account, which is the account you will have your children log on to the computer with. You can also choose to use activity reports to view your children’s online activities. Options available under Parental Controls include the following:

    • Time Limits: setting specific time limits that will prevent logging on during certain times of the day
    • Game Content: controls to access games where you can set an appropriate age level and content type you want to block
    • Web Access: Allows you to restrict the Web sites that children visit and choose if you want to allow file transfers
    • Program-specific Controls: allows you to keep your children from running specific programs on the computer