On-Screen Display (OSD)

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An on-screen display (OSD) is the graphic image, text, or information shown on TVs, cameras,  monitors, DVDs, and VCRs. It is used to show information about the image in order to modify screen display options and to make changes to the operation of the device itself. The on-screen display option is usually activated by a menu button on many electronic devices. This display option can be used to display complex menus with multiple choices such as contrast, volume, vertical or horizontal positioning, etc.

What are the key features of an on-screen display?

The on-screen display incorporates various features useful in controlling the display settings on the computer monitor or screens:

  • Color contrast and brightness: Defines the color illumination of the on-screen image.
  • Size and fonts of text: Sets the size or font of the displayed text.
  • Resolution: Defines or adjusts the pixel count of displayed images.
  • Inputs and outputs: Selects and displays which components are connected to the display itself.

Who uses an on-screen display, and what do they use it for?

Users access the on-screen display to customize the look and contents of the screen based on their needs. When properly customized, the screen provides a wealth of information on the contents of the screen along with file sizes, lens or projector settings, and more.

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