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    HCL Domino (Lotus Domino, IBM Domino)

    HCL Domino, formerly called IBM Domino (1995) and Lotus Domino (1989), is an enterprise server application development platform. Traditionally used for enterprise applications, such as email, messaging, scheduling and collaboration, today the platform enables businesses to build applications to solve workflow and business process challenges.

    Initially called Lotus Notes Server, it was the server component of Lotus Corp’s client-server messaging technology. It provided enterprises with a complete infrastructure to create, test, deploy, and manage distributed, multi-lingual applications, including directory, database, application server, administration, security, connectivity, web server, email server, calendaring engine, and so on, all in one application.

    HCL Technologies Acquires IBM Domino

    In 2019, HCL Technologies (HCL) acquired several IBM software products, including Notes and Domino. The agreement, under which HCL would acquire select IBM software products for $1.8 billion, was closed in July, 2019. At this time, HCL also announced the introduction of HCL Software, a division to operate the enterprise software business, which includes several products acquired from IBM.

    General availability of HCL Domino v11 was announced in December, 2019. The HCL Software website offers the following description of HCL Domino:

    “Domino has proven its versatility, scalability, and value for 30 years. Now, with v11 you can make your apps mobile with zero effort and build new ones 70% faster. Domino v11 is more modern than ever. From new mobile-app capabilities to enterprise authentication and a new low-code app builder called Domino Volt. “

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