Jotform is an online application for building and managing custom online forms. Jotform provides an easy-to-use and intuitive drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to build online forms according to different requirements.  There is no coding needed, so forms can be quickly integrated into the website and user responses can be received via email.

What kinds of businesses use Jotform?

Businesses use Jotform to gather input from customers, website visitors, students, employees, or any large number of people. Once gathered, Jotform manages the gathered user input. 

There are several business use cases If your business requires user registration, the same online form can be shared through the website, email, social media, and other channels to complete the registration process. 

Another commonly used application of Jotform is to get evaluation or feedback on an event, product, or buying experience. Jotform is used in other settings including data collection from patients (Jotform is HIPAA compliant), business prospecting, ordering service or product, and other applications.  

How does Jotform Work?

To start using Jotform, you can simply create a new account and start building  new forms by clicking on “Create Form”. Forms can be created from scratch from the empty canvas, ith an empty canvas, by using one of numerous templates, or by uploading an existing Jotform form. New fields can be added, and existing fields can be edited according to requirements.

Unique features and benefits of Jotform

Apps and Integrations Library

Jotform connects to numerous different third-party services to add more functionality including analytics & reporting, automation, blogging, CMS, CRM, communication, data management, email, file sharing & storage, GEO & mapping, payment processing, project management, and social media integrations.

You can also export data from your existing CRM and analytics tools, or add payment solutions to the online forms. In addition to apps and integration, Jotform offers thousands of pre-built templates to choose from.

Data Protection and Privacy

Jotform uses 256-bit SSL certificates for data protection and privacy for the respondents and the creators of the online forms. For additional data protection and privacy, the online forms can be encrypted with an RSA-2028 key.

Advanced Publishing Options

Users of Jotform have complete freedom in how to publish the online form including social media, pdf documents, sharing a direct link, website integration, and more.

Conditional Logic

Jotform can be used to add conditional logic to the online forms. This means the online form can react to inputs from the user by skipping, hiding, removing, adding, or changing fields based on the user input.  

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