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    Geotargeting is a method of delivering data or content to users based on their geographic locations. Depending on the application or platform, companies can use geotargeting to reach a specific audience with a message that will fit their buyer persona expectations. Read on to learn more about what geotargeting is and how it can be used in sales and marketing.

    What Is Geotargeting?

    Geotargeting is a strategy in which companies use geolocation tools to craft and target a message or post to a specific geographic location. It is most commonly used as a tool for online advertising or internet marketing

    In geotargeting, an automated algorithm is used to display advertisements to users at a specified geolocation. This could be based on the city, country, zip code, IP address, or other location criteria of the user. 

    Geotargeting can also be used to restrict data or content to users at a particular geolocation. However, if users are connected through virtual private networks (VPNs) or proxy servers, their actual locations might be hidden.

    How Is Geotargeting Used in Internet Marketing?

    In internet marketing, geotargeting can help advertisers create and display more targeted and relevant promotions for users, resulting in better engagement. It allows them to deliver the “right message at the right time.”

    Apps and software that support geotargeting use a user device’s GPS or the signal from a cell tower to determine their location and decide what content to show them. For example, for a food delivery app, the user can be shown the best deals within a 10-mile radius. Alternatively, someone looking to get their vehicle repaired could be shown the closest service center in their internet search results. Geotargeting can be used for a user’s current location or past locations for more targeted internet marketing.

    What Are the Benefits of Using Geotargeting?

    Using geotargeting, companies can get a better return on investment for their internet marketing as the more targeted nature of the strategy leads to higher user engagement. This is especially true for companies or businesses that offer their services or products only in designated locations. Why spend precious marketing budgets on users that are not in the target geolocation? 

    Another benefit of geotargeting is that companies can hide their advertisements from competitors by excluding the location of competitor shops or stores. While this method won’t necessarily win more customers, it will make it more difficult for the competitor to see ads and subsequently match special offers or promotions.

    Top Geotargeting Software Solutions


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    Offering automated and real-time messaging, user analytics, and a multi-channel customer experience, Xtremepush is the leading geotargeting software on the market. It can be used for online marketing through a mobile app, SMS, website, email, and social media.

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    Flame Analytics is one of the best customer engagement and location analytics platforms to boost user engagement and sales. It has big data and AI tools for more targeted internet marketing.


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    With Emarsys, you get cross-channel customer engagement to drive business outcomes and build brand consistency across multiple marketing channels. It offers engagement scoring, predicted user spend, loyalty status, lifecycle stage, and other marketing tools for superior geotargeting results.

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