Eventbrite is an online event posting, event management, and ticketing website. Eventbrite can be used by businesses to create, browse, and promote events. The attendee registration, attendance tracking, and tickets sales can also be done through Eventbrite. Users can also browse events based on location and type of events such as festivals, concerts, and more. 

How does Eventbrite work?

Businesses can post any kind of event on the Eventbrite’s website. This includes multi-day commercial events, art festivals, or even private events such as family reunions. Once the event is posted on the Eventbrite website, users can customize the event page. For example, they can offer discounts on ticket sales, offer merchandise for sale, and more. The tickets on Eventbrite can be purchased or refunded using a credit card, PayPal, and other payment channels. Eventbrite also offers an option for at-the-door payments for the event.

What are Eventbrite’s features?

Eventbrite offers several features to the users including marketing of the event through social media. Another key feature is that the platform can be used to communicate with the attendee before or after the event, including email reminders or to get feedback about the event. It also integrates with Zoom for virtual events. The entire Eventbrite system is based on the cloud so users can access their events or buy tickets by logging in on any computer or through the mobile app. The Eventbrite mobile app is designed to offer an optimized experience for mobile use.  

How can businesses benefit from Eventbrite?

Businesses can benefit from using Eventbrite to promote their event, get event management assistance, and several other benefits. The company offers an efficient way to promote the business by offering communication tools including mass emails to attendees or prospects. The mobile app—Eventbrite Neon—offers convenience to the attendees and event managers, who can use the app to validate tickets, accept credit card payments, give refunds, re-issue tickets, use the camera on the phone to scan the tickets, and other useful features.

How much does Eventbrite cost?

Attendees are not charged any fee. Costs are paid by the business or individuals who produce or present the events. For free events, Eventbrite does not charge a fee. 

Event presenters can choose to show the fees paid as part of the ticket cost, or simply roll the fees into the face value of the ticket.  The fee amount depends on the services used, size of event, price ticket, and more.

For paid events, Eventbrite receives a fee of 2-6% of the event ticket’s price. In some countries, an additional set amount per ticket in local currency may be assessed. Finally, a payment processing fee may be assessed. Below is an example of Eventbrite’s pricing.

In Australia, a 2% fee plus A$0.49 per ticket sold is assessed for basic ticketing services. The Professional package which includes additional event marketing and organization features assesses a fee totaling 5% per ticket plus A$0.99.

Eventbrite Fees Per Country Chart

What are some Eventbrite alternatives?

Cvent is a slightly more expensive service but they claim to offer integrated technology designed to maximize the marketing and impact of the event. Cvent offers a free trial. Other alternatives include Bizabbo and Aventri. These alternatives offer similar features such as payment processing, mobile check-in, user registration, event creation, and promotion, and other features. The main difference between the two is the pricing and user interface of the website and app.

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