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    DTS, Inc. is a digital technology company that uses audio technology to create better sound quality in movie and home theaters. Steven Spielberg first popularized the technology in his 1993 Jurassic Park film. DTS is a direct competitor with Dolby Digital, another popular theatre sound system. DTS was a pioneer in multi-channel audio and provided technology for PC and game console products and DVDs. It now also offers home theatre surround sound and immersive vehicle sound experiences. DTS uses 5.1-channel surround processors, which use time codes to match the film to the audio accordingly.

    DTS also offers DTS-ES for home theaters. This surround sound system uses multiple speakers and DTS-ES decoders to decode sound for 5.1 or 6.1 channels. Regular DTS decoders can also use DTS-ES; the systems will read the codes and output sound differently. DTS also offers High Resolution Audio, which is used on Blu-Ray discs.

    DTS technology offers AutoSense, which detects movement and imagery from vehicles to develop insights and personalize driving time for passengers. DTS Neural Surround provides immersive surround technology in the vehicle. DTS also offers mobile device technology for mobile speakers, improving listeners experience on their phones. DTS Play-Fi technology enhances portable speaker sound experience. DTS now partners with IMAX for home theatre technology a program known as IMAX Enhanced.