Vangie Beal
Last Updated June 23, 2021 7:07 am

DD is an acronym for Dear Daughter or Darling Daughter. DD is most often used by a parent as a form of affection and identification of their child. Likewise, DS is an acronym for Dear Son, which is used in the same context.

DD is commonly used in forms of digital communication, such as chat rooms, instant messaging, text messaging, email, and other real-time, text-based communications. Like most messaging abbreviations, it is best to use DD in casual conversations between family and friends. For the sake of clarity, it’s better to avoid using DD in professional communications.

Examples of DD

Examples of DD used in a sentence are as follows:

  • “I have to go pick up my DD from school.”
  • “DD and I are going to dinner tomorrow night.”
  • “Have you seen my DD’s grades this semester? She’s gotten high marks in every class!”

Other uses of DD

DD is also an accepted acronym for Designated Driver and Due Diligence.

A designated driver is a member of a group who abstains from drinking alcohol in order to drive the others safely. Examples of this acronym used in a sentence include:

  • “Sure, I don’t mind being the DD if you promise to do it next week.”
  • “No, Toby, you can’t be the DD. You’ve already had too much to drink.”

Another accepted meaning of DD is Due Diligence, which means the care that a person exercised to avoid harm to other persons or their property. Examples of this acronym used in a sentence include:

  • “The lawyer did all of the necessary DD to prepare a case before the trial.”
  • “If you exercise your due diligence by turning in the money you found, it could legally be yours after sixty days if no one claims it.”