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    Citrix Workspace, formerly known as Citrix Receiver, is a cloud-based software platform where users can securely access applications, files, services, and data from a variety of sources such as devices, operating systems, and more. Being a single-entry platform developed by Citrix Systems, Citrix Workspace allows users the unified administration of virtual apps, SaaS apps, desktops, mobile apps, Web apps, and files.

    Why do individuals and organizations need Citrix Workspace?

    The platform is useful for workers, freelancers, contractors, and organizations alike as it allows users to access apps and other information about an organization relevant to their role. The integration of all the required files and apps in a single interface enables users to accomplish their work even if they are not in the workstation.

    How does Citrix Workspace work?

    Workspace allows users to store all the applications such as web apps, SaaS apps, mobile apps, desktops, and OSs in secure, centralized storage. Users can access any of their applications, desktops, and files securely from any authorized device using SSO.

    Key features of Citrix Workspace

    • Easy and secure file sharing: The powerful content collaboration of the Citrix Workspace allows users to find and share the files with other individuals and businesses.
    • Document management: Secure and unified storage space enables users to manage and keep the enterprise documents and other valuable information.
    • Content collaboration: The content collaboration feature enables users to store and share files using secure links, and it also prevents unauthorized people from accessing the data.
    • Third-party integrations: Integrations with a wide range of software applications such as Salesforce, Power BI, Zendesk, Tableau, and more helps organizations to improve productivity.

    What are the benefits of using Citrix Workspace?

    • Integration with Microsoft Teams: Citrix and Microsoft Teams are used by many enterprises together to simplify their work.
    • Enhanced enrollment profile: A single device enrollment profile can be used for all the users within an organization as it reduces the unnecessary complexities created by multiple endpoint management systems.
    • Secure internet access: Citrix Secure Internet Access addresses essential web security and access requirements
    • App protection: App protection policies provide an extra layer of security that prevents all your resources from screenshot malware and keylogging activities.

    What are some alternatives to Citrix Workspace?

      • Parallels Remote Application Server
      • Remote Desktop Services
      • Red Hat Virtualization
      • Amazon WorkSpaces
      • Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

    Although there is a wide number of alternatives available, companies choose Citrix Workspace to address all requirements related to security, manageability, user experience, and performance in a single environment.