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    Army Knowledge Online (AKO) is an enterprise-level information resource or portal used to share and disseminate knowledge to authorized military personnel, including recruits, active duty personnel, contractors, and those transitioning from the military. 

    The U.S. Army's AKO portal.
    Photo source: U.S. Army

    As the largest corporate intranet globally, AKO provides enterprise services to the U.S. Army, Department of Defense (DoD) community, and other joint military personnel. These services cross through both classified and unclassified networks and include directories, portals, email, file sharing, online learning and more. AKO is a key component of the Army Knowledge Management (AKM) strategy and The Army Transformation.

    Army Knowledge Online Authorized User

    AKO is mostly closed to the public, and as a result, only authorized personnel can create accounts and use the resources. This is to guarantee security and ensure that vital information doesn’t get into the wrong hands. That said, you can register if you fall among the following categories. 

    • Active-duty personnel of the U.S. Army
    • Reserves and retired service personnel of the U.S. Army
    • Contracted Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) Cadets
    • U.S. Military Academy Cadets
    • Department of Army (DA) Civilians
    • Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) Civilians 
    • Contractors and Army Volunteers 
    • Incoming Future Soldiers and DA Civilians
    • Members of the U.S. National Guard
    • Federal and Non-Federal Civilian Agencies
    • Local National Employees and more.

    How Army Knowledge Online Works

    Creating an AKO account is a mandatory requirement upon enlistment in the U.S. Army. Your recruiter will most likely guide you through the account setup process if you are a recruit. However, if you are already serving, you may need sponsorship— to be assigned login credentials or receive an invitation to log in from your CO or other leader. Once you’re authorized, the setup process is straightforward: You first need to access the application form through

    On clicking “I Accept,” you will be redirected to the Army’s Enterprise Access Management (AEAM) page. The AEAM page is where you can set up your account using your Social Security Number. You will be asked to choose an account type in line with your status in the U.S. Army, e.g., a recruit, active duty, reserves, etc. From there, you then proceed to enter your: birthday, sponsor’s AKO username, contact information, secondary email address.

    The last registration stage involves creating a unique password that meets the DoD strong password guidelines and answering your chosen security questions. You then click the “Complete Registration” button. It is now left for your sponsor to approve your account. If you suspect that you have an old account that has become inactive, you can contact the AKO help desk at 1-866-335-ARMY (2769)..

    Features of Army Knowledge Online (AKO)

    The key objective of AKO is to serve as an online collaborative email portal while providing Business Process Management (BPM) applications, e-learning and training programs, and more: 

    • Standardized email addresses
    • Centralized authentication procedures
    • White papers, reference works, and documentation
    • Ability to remotely access content stored on the portal and more.

    AKO’s  security features align with DoD access security policies that recommend either a strong password or a combination of a Common Access Card (CAC) and personal identification number (PIN).

    Benefits of Army Knowledge Online (AKO)

    To maintain operational efficiency in its global mission, a unique, fast, and highly-secured means of information access are vital for all U.S. Army and DoD community branches. By providing Army personnel licensed information unavailable through the public internet, including news, directories, professional and life information, educational contents, procedural and other references, AKO serves as an invaluable reservoir of secured web-based information for service personnel. 

    AKO, alongside other Army online learning platforms like Joint Knowledge Online, the Army Training Network, and the Army Learning Management System, also delivers important training coursework: 

    • Operational Security (OPSEC) 
    • Level 1 Antiterrorism Awareness Training
    • Threat Awareness and Reporting Program 
    • Suicide Awareness and Prevention
    • Combating Trafficking in Persons (CTIP) 

    The Army Wounded Warriors (AW2), for instance, is a Business Process Management (BPM) application that helps to fast track wound diagnosis and personnel recovery. AKO also performs financial functions, granting soldiers access to their financial records, including housing and food allowance, earning statements, and more. 

    Personnel medical records are readily available on AKO, including blood type, DNA, past physical exams, the status of deployment readiness. Other benefits may include access to legal, travel, and family resources.