Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe Acrobat DC is Adobe’s all-in-one PDF solution that lets its users, on desktop and mobile, create and convert, edit, and review and annotate their PDFs. Users can use Adobe Acrobat DC to manage a wide range of documents, including contracts and forms. While casual and professional PDF editor users can use DC, it’s best for professionals and large businesses.

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Features of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC offers all of the standard and advanced features listed below:

  • Creating PDFs from scratch
  • Merging and splitting PDFs
  • Scanning PDFs
  • Converting PDFs into Word documents, PowerPoints, and Excel spreadsheets
  • Adding, requesting, and tracking e-signatures
  • Commenting
  • Highlighting 
  • Stamps, watermarks, password protection, and sensitive information redaction
  • Mobile PDF editor
  • Integrations

What differentiates Adobe Acrobat Pro DC from its competitors is that its features are overall more advanced. For example, the commenting tool lets users reply to other comments and @mention others within the organization. Most of the commenting tools in other PDF editors are not as collaborative as in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is also one of the most secure PDF editor solutions available. When it comes to other PDF editors, most do not offer nearly as many security features and compliances as Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. Below we listed all of the major security and compliance features included:

    • Stamps
    • Watermarking
    • Redacting Sensitive Information
    • Password Protection
    • Encryption Through Certificate
    • Secure Storage (AWS, ISO 22301, CSA STAR Level 1, FERPA, GLBA)
    • International Compliances (GDPR)
    • HIPAA Compliance

Acrobat Pro DC’s Competitors

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC exists in a competitive market space with many different types of PDF editor solutions. Software solution review site SoftwarePundit rated Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 91/100, citing how advanced and robust its features are compared to its competitors.

The review site also mentions how because of its advanced feature set and price, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is best for larger companies who have complex document workflows and have a large budget for a PDF editor solution. Some key competitors include:

Expert Reviews on Acrobat DC and its Competitors

Read more on how Adobe Acrobat Pro DC directly competes with its competitors. Check out SoftwarePundit’s versus articles, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC vs. PDF Expert, Smallpdf vs. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, pdfFiller vs. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, and PDFelement vs. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

Amy Yang
Amy Yang
Amy Yang is a writer for Webopedia and Small Business Computing, and a junior research analyst at SoftwarePundit. She conducts in-depth analyses on software markets and products, including course creation software, CRM software, electronic signature software, social media software, website builder software and PDF editor software. She has a Bachelor of Science in Communication & Media, and a Minor in Web Programming and Applications from NYU. You can connect with Amy on LinkedIn.

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