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Vulnerability Assessment Market: Tools and Scanning

Many breaches via hacking attacks and malware are preventable. Patch management and vulnerability management can help identify and mitigate weaknesses. Learn more about global enterprise security spending and trends.

vulnerability scanners
Driven by rising global enterprise security spending, the security and vulnerability assessment market will surpass US$ 14.7 Billion by 2024, according to ResearchAndMarkets.com. Many organizations look to vulnerability scanning — an automated process of proactively identifying security vulnerabilities of systems in a network — to determine if and where a system can be exploited, but the volume of tools and services available can be overwhelming.

Consider that many breaches via hacking attacks and malware are preventable. The most recent edition of the yearly edgescan Vulnerability Stats Report suggests that security integration into the SDLC, DevSecOps, patch management and continuous vulnerability management and profiling (i.e. visibility) can help identify and mitigate weaknesses before they become a real problem.

Where are the Risks?

Web Application security is the area of most risk from a security breach standpoint. The 2018 edgescan report showed that 19 percent of all vulnerabilities were associated with Layer 7 web applications, API's and so on, while 81 percent were network vulnerabilities.

From an application security standpoint, insecure configuration, client-side security and injection attacks were found to be significant issues.

Risk Density

Image Description: Risk Density, edgescan 2019 Vulnerability Statistics report; PDF

Finding the Right Tools

An essential IT security practice is to scan for vulnerabilities and then patch them, typically via a patch management system. Vulnerability scanners detect and classify system weaknesses to prioritize fixes and sometimes predict the effectiveness of countermeasures. According to eSecurityPlanet, vulnerability scanning tools can make that process easier by finding and even patching vulnerabilities for you, reducing burden on security staff and operations centers.

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