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Author - Forrest Stroud

  • Forrest Stroud has been with the QuinStreet Enterprise network of technology websites for 18 years, during which time he has covered everything from consumer technology to small businesses and corporate data centers. He is also the editor of ServerWatch.

  • microvisor

    A microvisor is a Xen-based security-focused hypervisor that provides micro-virtualization technology to ensure secure computing environments. »

  • MAM – Mobile Application Management

    Mobile Application Management (MAM) refers to software and services for securing and managing mobile apps in enterprise settings on mobile devices. »

  • Micro-Virtualization

    Micro-virtualization is a technology developed by desktop security firm Bromium to help ensure secure computing environments. »

  • Intel Compute Stick

    The Intel Compute Stick is a small USB flash drive-sized PC-on-a-Stick device that can be used to provide a complete personal computing experience. »

  • OpenStack Nova

    OpenStack Nova is an OpenStack component that provides on-demand access to compute resources by provisioning and managing large networks of virtual machines. »

  • PC-on-a-Stick

    A PC-on-a-Stick is a small USB flash drive-sized device that can be plugged into an HDMI-compatible TV or monitor to provide a complete personal computing experience. »

  • IDaaS - Identity-as-a-Service

    IDaaS, or Identity-as-a-Service, refers to identity and access management services that are offered through the cloud or SaaS on a subscription basis. »

  • IAM – Identity and Access Management

    IAM refers to a framework of policies and technologies for ensuring the proper people in an enterprise have the appropriate access to IT resources. »

  • Shadow IT

    Shadow IT is a term that refers to IT applications and infrastructure managed and utilized without the knowledge of the enterprise's IT department. »

  • Third Platform

    The Third Platform is a term that distinguishes the current IT environment of mobile, social, cloud and Big Data from earlier eras of computing. »

  • Clutter

    Clutter automatically organizes Microsoft Outlook inboxes and prioritizes important e-mails by moving lower priority messages to a new Clutter folder. »

  • HCM - Human Capital Management

    Human capital management is a business philosophy that views employees as a quantifiable asset whose future value can be increased through investment. »

  • Microsoft Edge

    Microsoft Edge is a new web browser in Windows that serves as a streamlined, improved replacement for the venerable Internet Explorer Web browser. »

  • infrastructure

    An enterprise's entire collection of hardware, software, networks, data centers and facilities used to develop, test, operate, monitor and/or support information technology services. »

  • VENOM vulnerability

    VENOM refers to a security vulnerability that results from a buffer overflow in a kernel-level driver included in many default virtualized environments. »

  • Mumblehard malware

    The Mumblehard malware primarily targets web servers running Linux and BSD operating systems and secretly uses the infected systems as spamming bots. »

  • OpenStack Kilo

    The successor to the Juno release of the OpenStack open source cloud computing platform, OpenStack Kilo arrived in April 2015 as the eleventh release of OpenStack. »

  • OpEx

    An acronym for Operating Expenses, OpEx refers to the ongoing costs associated with the daily operations of business products, services and systems. »

  • hyper-converged infrastructure

    A hyper-converged infrastructure is largely software-defined with tightly-integrated compute, storage, networking and virtualization resources. »

  • Vivid Vervet (Ubuntu Codename)

    Vivid Vervet is the Ubuntu codename for version 15.04 of the Ubuntu Linux-based operating system. »

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