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Author - Forrest Stroud

  • Forrest Stroud has been with the QuinStreet Enterprise network of technology websites for 18 years, during which time he has covered everything from consumer technology to small businesses and corporate data centers. He is also the editor of ServerWatch.

  • Samsung Galaxy S8

    The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are the eighth generation of Samsung's Galaxy smartphone mobile device. »

  • Snapchat

    Snapchat is a social networking app that enables users (Snapchatters) to send videos or pictures to other Snapchat users. »

  • YubiKey

    A YubiKey is a small USB device that supports multiple authentication protocols to help protect access to computers, networks, websites and other online services. »

  • emoji

    Emoji refers to small pictures used on smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices to convey emotion or represent an object or symbol more succinctly than a text statement. »

  • iPhone 8

    The iPhone 8 is the upcoming eighth generation of Apple's popular iPhone mobile smartphone device. »

  • Touch ID

    Touch ID is a fingerprint reader on newer iPhone and iPad devices that enables users to quickly sign in to their device as well as authorize transactions without needing to enter a passcode. »

  • OpenStack Ocata

    OpenStack Ocata made its debut on February 22, 2017, as the fifteenth major release of the OpenStack open source cloud computing platform. »

  • Operation BugDrop

    Operation BugDrop is a form of malware that surreptitiously infects desktop and laptop computers and uses their microphones to secretly record audio. »

  • AWS Lambda

    Amazon's AWS Lambda is an event-driven computing platform developed by Amazon to automatically fire, or execute code, when a specific event occurs. »

  • website spoofing

    Website spoofing refers to fraudulent websites that masquerade as legitimate sites by copying the design of the website as well as in some cases utilizing a URL similar to the real site. »

  • fake news

    Fake news, or hoax news, refers to false information or propaganda published under the guise of being authentic news. »


    IFTTT, an acronym for If This Then That, is a free service that automates connectivity between apps and services. »

  • Amazon Echo Dot

    Amazon Echo Dot is a small cylindrical voice-controlled computing device that connects to Alexa, providing responses to questions and controlling IoT devices. »

  • Amazon Snowball Edge

    Amazon Snowball Edge is designed to provide enterprises with a fast and inexpensive device for transferring large amounts of data into and out of Amazon's Web Services cloud platform. »

  • leap smear

    A Leap Smear is a technique of spreading or "smearing" time over a period of hours to account for leap seconds. »

  • leap second

    A leap second is when one second is added to the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) to keep clocks throughout the world synchronized with the Earth's ever-slowing rotation. »

  • cognitive computing

    Cognitive computing refers to computing technology and platforms that simulate the thought processes of humans. »

  • Watson

    IBM Watson is a cognitive computing platform built on the DeepQA project and was originally developed to answer questions on the quiz show Jeopardy. »

  • Containers-as-a-Service (CaaS)

    Containers-as-a-Service (CaaS) is an emerging services offering for container-based virtualization in which providers offer a complete framework to customers for deploying and managing containers, applications and clusters. »

  • orchestration

    Orchestration refers to software platforms and services that automate and orchestrate key IT and business processes to simplify operations management. »

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