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  • Android 10 (Android Q)

    Android 10, aka Android Q, is the official name for the 10.0 update of the open source Android mobile operating system, which made its debut in September 2019. »

  • data sanitization

    Data sanitization refers to the process of permanently and irreversibly destroying data on a storage device in a deliberate manner, typically for compliance and/or corporate security purposes. »

  • social distancing

    Social distancing refers to deliberate actions taken to reduce human social interaction, often in an effort to prevent the spread of contagious infections. »

  • Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

    Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is a buzzword created by Gartner to cover hardware and services responsible for ensuring and managing edge security, delivered largely via a cloud-delivered service model.


  • Samsung Galaxy S20

    The Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra represent the eleventh generation of Samsung's Galaxy smartphone mobile devices. »

  • Cloud Data Engineer

    A cloud data engineer is responsible for the management of corporate apps and data in the cloud and all the technical tasks involved in planning, architecting, migrating, monitoring, and managing a company’s cloud systems. »

  • edge security

    Edge computing security, or simply edge security, refers to the protection of data that resides or moves through devices away from centralized data center or cloud environments. »

  • 70:20:10 learning model

    The 70:20:10 model for modern learning and development espouses that students and employees learn best (70%) from doing, followed by social learning from interactions with peers (20%), and just 10% from traditional, instructor-led classroom settings. »

  • penetration testing

    Penetration testing, or pen testing, is a simulated security testing process to analyze the company's network and IT systems for vulnerabilities and potential for cybersecurity exploits. »

  • edtech

    Short for education technology, edtech refers to modern learning environments that incorporate technology in a variety of ways to improve the overall educational experience.


  • social learning

    Social learning is the process of learning through collaboration and interaction with others. »

  • digital storytelling

    Digital storytelling involves incorporating a variety of multimedia elements such as images, audio, video, and Web content into the educational experience to enhance learning beyond traditional text-based books and presentation materials. »

  • Tin Can API

    The Tin Can API, or Experience API, refers to a project developed to help organizations track and analyze the learning behavior of users and customers. »

  • storyboarding

    Storyboarding is a project planning tool that helps teams identify and illustrate the various steps needed to complete a given project. »

  • Failover Cluster Meaning & Definition

    A failover cluster is a group of computer servers that are configured to provide continual access with no downtime or an absolute minimum of downtime. »

  • Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)

    Customer Lifetime Value (LTV or CLV for short) is a metric that tracks and estimates the total value of a customer to a business over their lifetime of purchases with a company. »

  • Customer Experience Manager (CXM)

    Customer Experience Managers (CXM or CEM for short) are tasked with ensuring customers have positive experiences with a company throughout the entire customer lifecycle. »

  • iPhone 11

    The iPhone 11 is a new smartphone from Apple that the company announced on September 10, 2019, and released for sale on September 20th. »

  • CASB - cloud access security broker

    A cloud access security broker, or CASB, refers to software developed to help IT departments monitor cloud access and usage by employees and partners. »

  • Disco Dingo

    Disco Dingo is the Ubuntu codename for version 19.04 of the Ubuntu Linux-based operating system, which was released in April 2019. »

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