Characters and ASCII Equivalents

Here are some of the more commonly used characters and their ASCII equivalents.

Pronounced ask-ee, ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) is a code for representing English characters as numbers, with each letter assigned a number from 0 to 127. For example, the ASCII code for uppercase M is 77. Most computers use ASCII codes to represent text, which makes it possible to transfer data from one computer to another.

Here are some of the more commonly used characters and their ASCII equivalents. To use a character just copy and paste the ASCII symbol into the formatting of your Web page at the spot where you want the character to show up.

Description Char HEX ASCII
space 20
exclamation mark ! 21 !
(double) quotation mark 22
number sign # 23 #
dollar sign $ 24 $
percent sign % 25 %
ampersand & 26 &
apostrophe 27
open parenthesis ( 28 (
close parenthesis ) 29 )
asterisk * 2A *
plus sign + 2B +
comma , 2C ,
minus sign/hyphen 2D
division sign 2 F7
period, decimal point . 2E .
slash, virgule, solidus / 2F /
digit 0 0 30 0
digit 1 1 31 1
digit 2 2 32 2
digit 3 3 33 3
digit 4 4 34 4
digit 5 5 35 5
digit 6 6 36 6
digit 7 7 37 7
digit 8 8 38 8
digit 9 9 39 9
colon : 3A :
semicolon ; 3B ;
less-than sign 3C
equal sign = 3D =
greater-than sign > 3E >
question mark ? 3F ?
commercial “at” sign @ 40 @
capital A A 41 A
capital B B 42 B
capital C C 43 C
capital D D 44 D
capital E E 45 E
capital F F 46 F
capital G G 47 G
capital H H 48 H
capital I I 49 I
capital J J 4A J
capital K K 4B K
capital L L 4C L
capital M M 4D M
capital N N 4E N
capital O O 4F O
capital P P 50 P
capital Q Q 51 Q
capital R R 52 R
capital S S 53 S
capital T T 54 T
capital U 55 U
capital V V 56 V
capital W W 57 W
capital X X 58 X
capital Y Y 59 Y
capital Z Z 5A Z
left square bracket [ 5B [
backslash, reverse solidus 5C
right square bracket ] 5D ]
spacing circumflex accent ^ 5E ^
spacing underscore, low line _ 5F _
spacing grave accent ` 60 `
small a a 61 a
small b b 62 b
small c c 63 c
small d d 64 d
small e e 65 e
small f f 66 f
small g g 67 g
small h h 68 h
small i i 69 i
small j j 6A j
small k k 6B k
small l l 6C l
small m m 6D m
small n n 6E n
small o o 6F o
small p p 70 p
small q q 71 q
small r r 72 r
small s s 73 s
small t t 74 t
small u u 75 u
small v v 76 v
small w w 77 w
small x x 78 x
small y y 79 y
small z z 7A z
left brace (curly bracket) { 7B {
vertical bar | 7C |
right brace (curly bracket) } 7D }
tilde accent ~ 7E ~
delete ^ 7F 
letter modifying circumflex 88 ˆ
per thousand (mille) sign 89
capital S caron or hacek 8A Š
left single angle quote mark 8B
left single quotation mark 91
right single quote mark 92
left double quotation mark 93
right double quote mark 94
round filled bullet 95
en dash 96
em dash 97
small spacing tilde accent 98 ˜
trademark sign 99
inverted exclamation mark A1
cent sign A2
pound sterling sign A3
yen sign A5
broken vertical bar A6
section sign A7
copyright sign A9
logical not sign AC
soft hyphen AD
registered trademark sign AE
degree sign B0
plus-or-minus sign B1
micro sign B5
paragraph sign, pilcrow sign B6
inverted question mark BF
capital A grave C0
capital A acute C1
capital A circumflex C2
capital A tilde C3
capital A dieresis or umlaut C4
capital A ring C5
capital AE ligature C6
capital C cedilla C7
capital E grave C8
capital E acute C9
capital E circumflex CA
capital E dieresis or umlaut CB
capital I grave CC
capital I acute CD
capital I circumflex CE
capital I dieresis or umlaut CF
capital N tilde D1
small sharp s, sz ligature DF
small a grave E0
small a acute E1
small a circumflex E2
small a tilde E3
small a dieresis or umlaut E4
small a ring E5
small ae ligature E6
small c cedilla E7
small e grave E8
small e acute E9
small e circumflex EA
small e dieresis or umlaut EB
small n tilde F1

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