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    The storage cloud is a service model where data is stored in a system in a remote location. This data is maintained, managed, backed up, and available to users over the internet. To access this data, users usually pay a monthly or annual rate to a cloud storage provider.

    Who uses the storage cloud and why do they use it?

    Individuals, SMBs, and enterprises all take advantage of cloud storage. Whether for personal reasons such as students who need an unlimited storage area to keep all of their files or for company wide reasons such as departmental documents like HR policies.

    Cloud storage is made up of three components—object, file, and block. Object storage allows for an enormous amount of data to be stored, file storage allows for access to shared files and includes a file system, and block storage is when data is divided and saved as separate pieces.

    Object storage is ideal for organizing, managing, and searching through unstructured data. Storing data in this matter also allows companies to start filtering and understanding the data they have at hand. File storage is beneficial in that it cuts the time when requesting and sharing documents back and forth. Block storage is especially used by developers in computing situations that rely on fast and efficient data transfer.

    There are also a variety of different cloud storage types, including private, public, mobile, and hybrid cloud storage. Enterprises may deploy some or all of these to meet their storage needs.

    • Private Cloud Storage—Stores an organization’s data at in-house storage servers 
    • Public Cloud Storage—Considered storage-as-a-service or online storage that is provided on a pay-per-use basis
    • Mobile Cloud Storage—Cloud storage that is accessible through mobile devices like phones, tablets, and laptops
    • Hybrid Cloud Storage—Combination of private and public clouds that can access and share data across all environments

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