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    Short for Digital Video Broadcasting – Satellite services to Handhelds. DVB-SH is a system used to deliver IP based media content and data to handheld terminals, like mobile phones or PDAs, via satellite. The DVB-SH system was designed for frequencies below 3 GHz, typically in the S-band. DVB-SH includes features such as turbo coding for forward error correction an advanced system that is designed to cope with the hybrid satellite/terrestrial network topology. The DVB-SH specifications are published by the DVB Project. DVB-SH specifies two operational modes:

    • SH-A: specifies the use of COFDM on both satellite and terrestrial links with the possibility of running both links in SFN mode.
    • SH-B: uses a Time Division Multiplex (TDM) on satellite with COFDM on the terrestrial link.

    See also DVB.