BI Acronyms & Abbreviations

Business intelligence (BI) powers the new economy, but BI acronyms and abbreviations seem to power BI. Whether you’re new to the business intelligence field, you’re onboarding with a new job, or you just want to get into the field, it’s imperative to know what each of these means and what they define. We put together some of the most commonly used BI acronyms, along with their meanings and links to more reading. Scroll or search below.

AWSAmazon Web Services
BABusiness Analytics
BIBusiness Intelligence
BPMBusiness Performance Management
BSMBusiness Service Management
CDBMSColumnar Database Management System
CLSCustomer Loyalty Software
CMSContent Management System
CPMCorporate Performance Management
CRMCustomer Relationship Management
DAXData Analysis Expressions
DBMSDatabase Management System
DSSDecision Support System
DWData Warehouse
DWAData Warehouse Automation
ECMLElectronic Commerce Modeling Langage
ERPEnterprise Resource Planning
ETLExtract, Transform, Load
ILMInformation Lifecycle Management
IRMIntegrated Risk Management
KPIKey Performance Management
MDMMaster Data Managememt
MDXMultidimensional Expressions
MSRMining Software Repositories
ODSOperational Data Store
OLAPOnline Analytical Processing
OLTPOnline Transaction Processing
POSPoint of Sale
RDMSRelational Database Management System
SaaSSoftware as a Service
SCDSlowly Changing Dimensions
SMESubject Matter Expert
SOAService-Oriented Architecture
SQLStandardized Query Language
SSASSQL Server Analysis Services
SSISSQL Server Integration Services
SVOTSingle Version of The Truth
UIUser Interface
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