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BI Acronyms & Abbreviations

Amanda Scheldt
Last Updated November 16, 2023 12:15 am

Business intelligence (BI) powers the new economy, but BI acronyms and abbreviations seem to power BI. Whether you’re new to the business intelligence field, you’re onboarding with a new job, or you just want to get into the field, it’s imperative to know what each of these means and what they define. We put together some of the most commonly used BI acronyms, along with their meanings and links to more reading. Scroll or search below.

Acronym Meaning
AWS Amazon Web Services
BA Business Analytics
BI Business Intelligence
BPM Business Performance Management
BSM Business Service Management
CDBMS Columnar Database Management System
CLS Customer Loyalty Software
CMS Content Management System
CPM Corporate Performance Management
CRM Customer Relationship Management
DAX Data Analysis Expressions
DBMS Database Management System
DSS Decision Support System
DW Data Warehouse
DWA Data Warehouse Automation
ECML Electronic Commerce Modeling Langage
ERP Enterprise Resource Planning
ETL Extract, Transform, Load
ILM Information Lifecycle Management
IRM Integrated Risk Management
KPI Key Performance Management
MDM Master Data Managememt
MDX Multidimensional Expressions
MSR Mining Software Repositories
ODS Operational Data Store
OLAP Online Analytical Processing
OLTP Online Transaction Processing
POS Point of Sale
RDMS Relational Database Management System
SaaS Software as a Service
SCD Slowly Changing Dimensions
SME Subject Matter Expert
SOA Service-Oriented Architecture
SQL Standardized Query Language
SSAS SQL Server Analysis Services
SSIS SQL Server Integration Services
SVOT Single Version of The Truth
UI User Interface