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Auto Correct Fail

Vangie Beal
Last Updated May 24, 2021 7:35 am

Auto correct fail is a slang phrase used to describe the inaccuracies of the spell checker and subsequent AutoCorrect feature on the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch (iOS devices) and on Android phones and other smartphones.

The AutoCorrect feature is designed to automatically detect and correct typos, misspelled words and incorrect capitalization that are not in the iPhone or smartphone dictionary. While considered a feature of the device, the AutoCorrect function on these smartphones have been known to often produce strange results leaving it to users to “correct the auto-correct” changes made.

AutoCorrect and its annoyance to some users are the topic of several humor websites that allow users to upload images of funny text message conversations where the user didn’t immediately notice changed words by the auto correct feature. Damn You Auto Correct! is one of the most notable websites that allows users to post their own humorous iPhone auto correct fail images.