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    8 Agenda Apps To Help Students Stay Organized

    Webopedia’s student apps roundup will help you to better organize your class schedule and stay on top of assignments and homework.

    Wakey-wakey! Time to head to class, right after a hearty breakfast of standard campus smorgasbord. Webopedia scoured the Web for the best student planner apps to help you get through another day of learning. The apps listed below will help you to better organize your class schedule and stay on top of assignments and homework.

    1. Schedule Classes and Assignments with myHomework Student Planner (iOS & Android)

    Class schedules are busy and have an annoying habit of changing from semester to semester. Keeping track of where to be at any given time is a challenge. The myHomework Student Planner offers a class scheduling feature and will help student track individual assignments. You’ll also find the homework widget to track assignments from the home screen a rather handy feature.

    myHomework Planner

    2. ClassManager Will Prioritize Assignments and Track Course Details (iOS)

    Writing all your assignments on a sticky note is one way to keep track of what’s due when right until that note gets lost forever behind the couch or deep in the bowels of your closet. Replace your sticky notes with ClassManager to enter all your assignments and to prioritize items. If you’re new on campus, you’ll use the tool to enter a building name and room number for each class you take plus the ability to record the professor’s name.


    3. Get Points for Organizing with the Homework App (iOS)

    This agenda app offers several organizing tools and lets you color code items. Adding in a timetable and teachers is easy. If you like the idea of being rewarded for getting tasks done on time — other than getting a good grad — the Homework App has partnered with Perk Points, a third party app where one can exchange the points they earn for gift cards and such. This iOS app has a companion app to work with Apple Watch, too.

    Homework App

    4. Use IStudiez Pro to track Homework, grades and more (iOS)

    The worryingly-spelled iStudiez Pro combines a tracking schedule, homework, and grades. It syncs data with both your iOS and Mac OS versions of the app and supports Windows 7-10, too. Quick overviews of your daily schedule and tasks makes getting though your day a breeze, while the Assignments tab manages upcoming events and deadlines. The syncing of data across devices means you’ll never miss a notification.


    5. Need a Reminder About Incomplete Assignments? Try MyStudyLife (iOS & Android)

    Cross-platform apps purport to work seamlessly across all platforms. From schedules, assignments, revision, and exams, MyStudyLife has it covered on all of your devices. The agenda app will notify you of incomplete tasks and is accessible even when Professor Frink has cruelly unplugged the router and you find yourself offline.


    6. A Clean and Simple Student Agenda (Android)

    Marketed as being developed by students, Student Agenda for Android touts its simplicity and clean look. The objective of the app developers is not only to organize tasks and perform duties within deadlines but also to encourage a healthy balance of academic and personal life. The words “calmness” and “less stress” appear in the app description, which sounds great after navigating crowded hallways and noisy lunchrooms.

    Student Agenda

    7. Edit, Follow and List with Easy School Planner (Android)

    Offering a simple and intuitive interface, Easy School Planner permits students to edit and follow education tasks with ease. To start, the app asks one to create a list of tasks and school subjects. Then, it’s easy to drag and drop these items into the appropriate day on your calendar. The super-organized student can color code items as well.

    Easy School

    8. Track Assignments, Grades and More with Assignment Planner Pro (Android)

    Most student planner apps keep track of assignments, homework, and projects, tasks which this app does very well. However, in addition to the planning features, this app also track grades and GPA as the semester progresses. With this, your jaw won’t hit the floor when grades are handed out at the end of term. Assignment Planner Pro lets students enter projects and coursework, then track them through to completion. Reminders and notifications make sure no assignment falls by the wayside.

    Assignment Planner

    This article was originally published on October 27, 2015