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    The RCMP Computer Scam

    Reported by Canadian residents, the RCMP computer scam is a type of ransomware (see also “scareware“) where a pop-up window informs the user that the computer being used has been found to be “associated with child pornography” by the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) or CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service). The user is asked to pay $100 dollars (via Ukash) to have the computer unlocked.

    The FBI Computer Scam

    In the United States a similar scam warns residents that the FBI’s Computer Crime & Intellectual Property Section has “identified the user’s IP address  as visiting child pornography and other illegal content.” Victims are then instructed to pay a $100 fine to the US Department of Justice, using prepaid money card services.

    The RCMP and FBI scams are a variant of Citadel malware.
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