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    Average Page Depth – Web Analytics

    In Web analytics software and applications, including Google Analytics, the average page depth is the measurement of the number of pages on your Web site that a visitor views during a single browser session. In your analytics report you would typically see a breakdown of the number of visits with 1-page view, 2-page views and so on.

    The average page depth may also be called depth of visit.

    How to Find Page Depth Metrics in Google Analytics

    The following steps will take you through the process of locating average page depth information for your website:

    • Log in to your Google Analytics account
    • Choose the website from your dashboard
    • From the left-hand navigation, click Behavior
    • Next, select Engagement from the drop-down menu
    • The Distribution tab will appear on the right-hand of your current view
    • Select Page Depth from within the Distribution tab

    Average Page Depth Example

    Image: Example Page Depth Report in analytics