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How Cloud Communications Drive Business Growth

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    Cloud Communications Drive Business Growth

    Cloud Communications Drive Business Growth

    The Lawless and TeleSign survey highlights how today’s businesses drive growth with cloud communications features including SMS/text, video, voice, and push notifications embedded in websites and mobile apps. Of those surveyed, nearly all companies are in the process of digital transformation and nearly a third has adopted cloud communications. In this slideshow we look at several of the key findings from this 2017 CPaaS report.

The cloud communications industry is experiencing significant growth as more businesses turn to cloud communications to stay competitive, transform customer engagement and improve customer satisfaction. In this slideshow we look at key findings from Lawless Research and TeleSignto learn more about the digital transformation and the future of Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS).

For this report, 502 U.S. executives, directors and managers who are responsible for customer communications in their organizations were surveyed.

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