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The 5 Best Free Music Streaming Apps

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    Best Free Music Streaming Apps

    5 Best Free Music Streaming Apps for Students

    Webopedia has you covered with five of the best free music streaming apps for your smartphone. Go ahead and find that extra charger - you'll need the battery life for bumping all the awesome, free tunes you find through the streaming apps on our top 5 list. Read on to learn more about Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, SlackerRadio and SoundCloud.

Music. It gets you through your workout, it accompanies you on your walk to class, and it allows you to block out annoying siblings. Without it, our days would be a soulless journey into the abyss. So, maybe that's a bit extreme, but it sure is great to have music at your fingertips! Trouble is, for most students, money is tight and downloading virus-ridden mp3s is a terrible option. What to do? Webopedia has you covered with five of the best free music streaming apps for your smartphone.

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