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Data Formats and File Extensions: C

Find data formats and their file extensions starting with the letter C.

With literally thousands of data file formats employed by Windows and Window-based apps, keeping track of all the file extensions employed by your software applications and programs can be quite a challenge.

Fortunately, Webopedia's Complete List of Data File Formats and File Extensions makes it quick and easy to sift through thousands of file extensions and data file formats to find exactly what you need. You can peruse the full list or search for data formats and file extensions based on the letter they start with from the table below.

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  Data File Formats that Begin with the Letter 'C'

.cC source code file
Compressed unix file archive created by COMPACT
.c++C++ source code file
.c--Source code (Sphinx C--)
.c00Print file (Ventura Publisher)
WinAce Split Archive file
.c01Genesis 2000
.c2dWinOnCD CD Image
.c4dMAXON Cinema 4D File (Graphics)
.c60Midtronics Battery Management Software
.c86C source code file (Computer Innovation C86)
.caInitial cache data for root domain servers (Telnet)
.cabCabinet File (Microsoft installation archive)
.cacheCache file (typically Web cache)
.cadSoftdesk Drafix CAD File
.cacdBASE IV executable when caching on/off (see cachedb.bat)
.cadDocument (Drafix Windows CAD)
.cagMS Clip Gallery Catalog file
.calCalendar file (Windows 3.x)
Calendar Maker Pro
.calbCoolect Album file (Coolect Album Player)
Spreatsheet (SuperCalc)
.camCasio Camera Graphic
.canFax (Navigator Fax)
.capCaption (Ventura Publisher)
Session capture file (Telix)
.carAtHome Assistant file
Carrara Environment
NeoBook Cartoon
.casComma-delimited ASCII File
.catCatalog (dBASE IV)
.cbClean Boot File (Microsoft)
Brief Macro Source Code
.cbcFuzzy logic system (CubiCalc)
.cbfCalendar Builder file
.cblCobol source code file
.cbmCompiled bitmap graphics (XLib)
.cbpCentralBuilder Project
.cbrComicBook Reader File archive (CDisplay image viewer)
.cbtComputer Based Training (many)
.cbzComicBook Reader File archive (CDisplay image viewer)
.ccC++ source code file
.ccaCC:Mail archive file
.ccbVisual Basic Animated Button Configuration
.cccBitmap graphics (native format) (Curtain Call)
.ccdCloneCD Related file
Vector CAD Program file
.cceCalendar Creator 2 Event file
.ccfCommunications configuration file (Symphony)
.cchChart (CorelChart)
.cclCommunication Command Language file (Intalk)
.ccoBtx Graphics file (XBTX)
.cctMacromedia Director Shockwave file
.ccxCorel PrintHouse file
.cdaCD Audio Track
.cdbCard database (CardScan)
Main database (TCU Turbo C Utilities)
.cddConceptDraw Document file
.cdeHoneywell Hybrid Control Designer
.cdfComponent Definition file
Graphics (netcdf)
.cdgCompact Disc Plus Graphics file
.cdiPhillips Compact Disk Interactive format
DiscJuggler Image file
.cdkDocument (Atari Calamus)
.cdlCaseWare Working Papers Document Link
SignLab Vector Graphic
.cdmMedia Maker Disk Image file
Visual dBASE Custom Data Module
.cdpVisual Objects Developer file
CD/Spectrum Pro
.cdrVector graphics (CorelDRAW native format)
.cdtData (CorelDraw 4.0)
.cdxCorelDraw Compressed Image file
Compound index (FoxPro)
.ceMain.ce (The FarSide Computer Calendar)
.cebApabi eBook file
.cegBitmap graphics (Tempra Show - Edsun Continuous Edge Graphics)
.celGraphics (Autodesk Animator - Lumena)
.cfSendmail Configuration file
Configuration file (imake)
.cfbComptons multimedia file
.cfcMacromedia Coldfusion component extension
.cflChart (CorelFLOW)
.cfmColdFusion Markup Language (Allaire)
.cfnFont data (Atari Calamus)
.cfoC Form Object internal format object file (TCU Turbo C Utilities)
.cfpQuicken Cash Flow Projection file
Fax (The Complete Fax Portable)
.cfrCrossfire Replay file
.cgaCGA display font (Ventura Publisher)
.cgdCricket Graph Data file
.cgeCCD Astrocamera
.cgiCommon Gateway Interface script
.cgmComputer Graphics Metafile vector graphics (A&L - HG - many)
.chHeader file (Clipper 5)
.ch3Chart (Harvard Graphics 3.0)
.ch4Presentation (Charisma 4.0)
.chdFont descriptor (FontChameleon)
.chiDocument (ChiWriter)
.chkRecovered data (ChkDsk)
Temporary file (WordPerfect for Win)
.chlConfiguration History Log
.chmCompiled HTML
.chnData (Ethnograph 3)
.choChordPro file
.chpChapter file (Ventura Publisher)
.chrCharacter set (Turbo C - Turbo Pascal)
.chtChart (Harvard Graphics 2.0 - SoftCraft Presenter)
Interface file for ChartMaster (dBASE)
.chwCompiled Help Index file
.cidAnalogX Caller ID file
.cifCaltech Intermediate Format graphics
Chapter information (Ventura Publisher)
.ciffCanon CIFF
.cilClip Gallery Download Package
.citIntergraph Raster File Reference
.cixDatabase index (TCU Turbo C Utilities)
.ckbKeyboard mapping (Borland C++ 4.5)
.clCommon LISP source code file
.cl3Easy CD Creator Layout file
.cl4Easy CD Creator Layout file
.cl5Easy CD Creator Layout file
.classJava class file
.clbICQ Contact List
MS Office XP Developer Code Librarian
cdrLabel Compact Disc Label
.clgWindows Catalog file
.cliClient Management System Customer file
.clmCOLIMO file
.clpClip art graphics (Quattro Pro)
Clipboard file (Windows 3.x)
Compiler script file (clip list) (Clipper 5)
.clpiBlue-ray Disc Clip Information file
.clrColor binary screen image (1st Reader)
Color definitions (Photostyler)
.clsC++ class definition file
.cmData file (CraftMan)
.cmdBatch file (OS/2)
Command (dBASE - Waffle)
External command menu (1st Reader)
.cmfFM-music file (Creative Music File)
.cmgCMG file
.cmkCard (Card Shop Plus)
.cmlCOMAL programming language
.cmmCmm script (batch) file (CEnvi)
.cmoVirtools Composition file
.cmpHeader file for PostScript printer files (CorelDRAW)
User dictionary (MS Word for DOS)
Bitmap graphics (Lead CMP compression)
.cmqCulturemetrics file
.cmtCulturemetrics file
.cmsTrialDirector media storage
.cmvAnimation (CorelMove CorelDraw 4.0)
.cmxCorel PhotoPaint Image
Corel Presentation Exchange Image
The Sims (Maxis) 3D Body Mesh Data
Apple Viewer file
.cncCNC general program data
.cndControlDraw file
Embroidery Design file
.cnfConfiguration (program - printer setup)
.cntHelpfile contents
.cnvData conversion support file (Word for Windows)
Temporary file (WordPerfect for Win)
.cobCobol source code file
.codDatafile (Forecast Plus - MS Multiplan - StatPac Gold)
Program compiled code (FORTRAN)
Template source file (dBASE Application Generator)
Videotext file
.colColor palette (Autodesk Animator - many)
Spreadsheet (MS Multiplan)
.comCommand (memory image of executable program) (DOS)
.conConfiguration file (Simdir)
.confConfiguration file
.configConfiguration file
.corProtein Structure file
Web GPS Correction Server Export file
WMOVIEC Input file
.cpdScript (Complaints Desk)
.cpeMS Fax Cover Sheet
.cpfFax (The Complete Fax)
Clever Cache Profile file
.cphCorel Print House image
.cpiCode Page Information file (DOS)
AVCHD Clip Information
Colorlab Processed Image bitmap graphics
.cplControl panel file (Windows 3.x)
Presentation (Compel)
.cpoCorel Print House file
.cppC++ source code file
Presentation (CA-Cricket Presents)
.cprCubase Project file
.cpsBackup of startup files by Central Point PC Tools autoexec.cps
coloured postscript files
.cptCompressed Mac file archive created by COMPACT PRO (ext-pc.zip)
Corel Photo-Paint Image
Encrypted memo file (dBASE)
Template (CA-Cricket Presents)
.cpxControl Panel Applet
Corel Presentation Exchange Compressed Drawing
.cpyCopy Books Data file
.cpzMusic text file (COMPOZ)
.cr2Canon Raw Image file
.crcTotal Commander CRC file
.crdCardfile (Windows 3.x - YourWay)
ColdRED Script file
Guitar Chord file
.crfCross-reference (MS MASM - Zortech C++)
.crhLinks Games Course file
MS Golf Image file
.crpEncrypted database (dBASE IV)
.crsFile Conversion Resource (WordPerfect 5.1)
.crtTerminal settings information (Oracle)
Security certificate (Windows Sharepoint)
.crtrMulti-Ad Creator 7 document
.crtxMicrosoft Chart Template file
.cruCompressed file archive created by CRUSH
.crwCanon RAW Image file
.crxChrome Extension file
Links Games Course file
.crzLinks Games Course file
.csVisual C# Source file
.csaComma Deliminated Text
Ultimate Ride Roller Coaster
.csfAdobe Colour Settings file
Van Dyke's CRT/SecureCRT Script file
.csgGraph (Statistica/w)
.cshHamilton Labs C Shell Script file
.cskClaris Works
.csmPrecompiled headers (Borland C++ 4.5)
.csoCompressed ISO Image file
.cspPC Emcee Screen Image file (Computer Support Corporation)
.cssCascading Sheet Style file
Datafile (CSS - Stats+)
Datasheet (Statistica/w)
.cstMacromedia Director Cast file
Panasonic music file (keyboard)
.csvComma Separated Values text file format (ASCII)
Adjusted EGA/VGA palette (CompuShow)
.ctContinous Tone file
.ctcControl file (PC Installer)
.ctdCobra Track Dump
Cardtable file
Marine Data file
Simpsons Cartoon Studio Export file
.ctfCharacter code translation file (Symphony)
.ctgCanon Catalog file
Cartridge Definition file
ChessBase Opening Book
Canon Powershot Pro 70 Info file
.ctlMicrosoft Visual Basic Control file
Control file (dBASE IV - Aldus Setup)
Setup information
.ctnCADTERNS file
.cttMessenger contacts file
Labview file
.ctuCZTU, a gamma-ray analysis program. Need the CTZU.exe file to work
.ctxCourse TeXt file (Microsoft online guides)
Ciphertext file (Pretty Good Privacy RSA System)
.ctySimCity City file
.cueMS Cue Cards data
.cufC Utilities Form definition (TCU Turbo C Utilities)
.culWindows cursor library (IconForge, ImageForge, ImageForge PRO)
.curCursor image file (Windows 3.x)
.cutBitmap graphics (Dr. Halo)
Dr Halo CUT files
.cv4Color file (CodeView)
.cv5Canvas version 5
.cvaACD Canvas Sequence Set file
Compaq Diagnostics
.cvbBorland BDE File
.cvpCover page (WinFax)
.cvrWinFax Cover Sheet
ElectraSoft Fax Cover Sheet
.cvsGraphics (Canvas)
.cvtBackup file for CONVERTed database file (dBASE IV)
.cvwColor file (CodeView)
.cwkClaris Works data
.cwzCropWalker file
.cxfGoogle Picasa Collage file
.cxpCore Media Player XML-based Playlist File
.cxtMacromedia Director Protected Cast file
.cxxC++ source code file (Zortech C++)

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