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    Let the downloading begin with this list of free apps for your Windows Phone 7.

    Windows Phone 7 features a multi-tab Internet Explorer Mobile Web browser that uses a rendering engine based on Internet Explorer 9 as well Microsoft Office Mobile, a version of Microsoft Office that s tailored for mobile devices. If you are using Windows Phone 7, this Datmation article by Joe Moran offers a list of free apps you can download.

    1. Amazon Kindle

    Shelling out $140 or $190 for a dedicated Kindle device is hard to justify unless you’re a major bibliophile, but for casual readers, Amazon’s Kindle app is the next best thing.

    2. ArkWords

    Arkwords is a dictionary, thesaurus, and language translator in one–it can read aloud the words you look up (albeit in a computer-generated voice).

    3. CardStar

    This app is a good alternative to carrying around those store loyalty cards (or keychain thingies). It has a database of national and regional merchants (with a built-in store locator) and generates virtual cards complete with bar code.

    4. Facebook

    Although Windows Phone 7 lets you keep tabs on Facebook friends via its People and Pictures Hubs, if you want comprehensive access to the service on the go, you want this app.

    5. Fandango Movies

    With Fandango Movies, you can see what’s playing nearby, watch trailers, read reviews, and buy tickets.

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    This article was originally published on August 31, 2011