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Pok mon GO is an interactive, mobile game that uses your phone’s GPS data and clock to show Pok mon hidden near your current, physical location. The Pok mon which appear on-screen in the app can be captured. As you go to different locations and explore different cities and towns, the types of Pok mon you encounter will change. The game was developed by Niantic.

Capturing Wild Pokemon

In the game app, you simply aim and launch a Pok Ball to catch the wild Pok mon you discover. Catching the same species of Pok mon allows you to evolve the wild catch. When you encounter a Pok mon in the wild you can turn on your device camera and see the Pok mon in a live scene and save snapshots.

Other game highlights include Pok Stops. These are typically located at “real world” places, like a museum or library. Exploring Pok Stops allows you to collect Pok Balls and other items. There is also an optional device, called the Pok mon GO Plus. This portable device lets people play without looking at a phone screen. The device connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth and notifies the player about events in the game.

Pokemon GO Capture

Image: Pok mon GO live scene

Pok mon GO: Free App, With In-Game Currency/Purchases

Pok mon GO is a free app and available for Android and iOS devices and is playable in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish. Some items and features are available via in-app purchases, where players spend real money on Pok Coins, the in-game currency of Pok mon GO.

According to news outlet, CNBC, players of Pok mon Go spent more than $250 million on in-game app purchases in its first few weeks, with the figures suggesting the game is on course to hit $1 billion in sales.

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