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HighLevel CRM

Jenna Phipps
Last Updated June 22, 2022 8:28 am

What is HighLevel CRM?

HighLevel is a sales and marketing customer relationship management (CRM) solution designed by the company HighLevel. Because it’s uniquely designed for marketing agencies, HighLevel CRM helps businesses not only manage their relationships with customers but also design marketing websites and build connections with agency clients. 

Who is HighLevel CRM For?

HighLevel CRM is designed specifically for agencies and marketers. HighLevel is a white-label marketing solution, so its content is available to agencies to use and brand as their own. HighLevel also helps agencies connect with other agency owners to learn from them and continue developing their business. 

HighLevel offers a wide range of solutions to sales and marketing teams at agencies: the solution set includes calendar features and lead capture forms, but it also allows agencies to customize apps and design entire websites and landing pages, too. 

Most organizations need CRM software to handle their relationships with leads and to view statistics on their sales pipeline and marketing campaigns. But few tools are created with marketing agencies in mind. Because HighLevel is specifically curated for agencies, it has features that standard CRM tools don’t always provide. 

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Features of HighLevel CRM

The HighLevel CRM offers the following features: 

  • Website creation: HighLevel allows users to design websites, including landing pages, through its Page Builder. Users also have the ability to customize the site menus from the HighLevel platform.  
  • Drag and drop surveys: Users are able to embed surveys on their websites and collect lead data directly from the surveys or capture forms.
  • Internal calendar for creating appointments: Leads are able to request or book appointments through the CRM customer’s website. 
  • Mobile application: Conversations with leads can happen on phones or tablets as well as computers. 
  • Automated text conversations for booking calls: Businesses can create a custom text conversation in advance, which gets sent when a customer responds to the associated nurture campaign.  
  • Membership platform: HighLevel customers have the ability to create courses for their members or the agency. The platform gives users the option to sell courses or offer them freely.
  • Customizable apps: HighLevel’s agency clients are able to design their own apps through the HighLevel App Store and sell them at their own price to their customers.
  • 24/7 support: HighLevel offers live chat, email, and phone support as well as concierge migration services, which help organizations migrate subscribers between platforms.

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Benefits of HighLevel 

Many customers appreciate the HighLevel platform because it’s a solution specifically designed for marketing agencies. While some CRM tools are geared more toward sales teams, this agency-focused approach to customer management provides multiple tools for marketers, including membership course development and white label agency services. 

Other noteworthy advantages of HighLevel’s CRM platform include:

  • Many communication channels: HighLevel customers are able to connect with their clients through SMS, social media, web chat, and more. 
  • A comprehensive tool for customer-facing activities: HighLevel combines solutions, like CRM and application design, that other CRM solutions might not cover. HighLevel’s approach ultimately helps teams to avoid IT tool sprawl and the high costs and complex management that come with too many tools.
  • Regular updates: Multiple customer reviews note that HighLevel frequently adds new features.
  • Customizability: For marketing agencies that have creative development teams that want to design their CRM to their specific industrial or audience needs, HighLevel offers plenty of customization options to make the solution fit the business.

How Can You Select the Right CRM for Your Business?

If your business plans to buy a CRM tool, consider the following. What third-party integrations does the solution offer? Choose a tool that integrates with software your company already uses as much as you can. If you know you’ll need to introduce other applications to the software later on, look for a CRM solution that has a flexible API.

How much time does the CRM take to deploy and learn? If you have a smaller sales or marketing team, look for a tool that has every feature you need but won’t overwhelm your employees. If you have a large team that’s already experienced in CRM software and you can afford a bigger tool, consider a more expansive software with more features.  

Does your business have any specific needs that basic CRM features wouldn’t meet? For example, if you have a team of experienced developers that wants to build apps on top of the existing platform, consider CRM solutions with an app building platform. If you want your CRM to support call center functions, choose a tool that has built-in call tracking capabilities. 

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