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  • Vangie Beal is the Managing Editor of Prior to joining Webopedia, she covered small business marketing, social media and technology for numerous online and print publications. A small business owner herself, Vangie owns and operates a seasonal fish market, located along the Minas basin in Five Islands, Nova Scotia.

  • What Can You Do With a Computer Science Degree?

    From university professors to IT managers, five industry experts tell us what today's students can do with the right skills and a computer science degree. »

  • scrum

    Scrum is an agile methodology for managing complex projects. Traditionally used in software development it is now is a framework that adapts to any product development. »

  • millennials (millennial generation)

    Millennials were those born between 1982 and 2000 and represents the demographic of the first generation of people reaching adulthood in the early 21st century. »

  • 3 Free Java Courses for Beginners

    List of free online Java courses for students and IT professionals looking to enhance their skills . »

  • Free IT Courses and Security Certifications

    This slideshow reviews IT courses and security certifications that students looking to expand their knowledge and enhance IT skills need to know about. »

  • Spotify Student

    Spotify student is a special student discount for those enrolled in an accredited college or university who want to register for a Spotify Premium account. »

  • student portal

    A student portal is a login page where students provide a user name and password to gain access to a school programs and other learning materials. »

  • Action Center

    The Action Center in Windows 10 displays notifications from software and applications running on your desktop computer or mobile device. »

  • Task View

    In Windows 10, Task View is a button located on the Taskbar, that when pressed, will tile all open programs across the screen like a set of index cards. »

  • viewport

    Viewport is the visible area of a webpage, which changes based on the device used to access the page. In website design it is an HTML meta tag or CSS rule. »

  • CPU benchmark

    A CPU benchmark (CPU benchmarking) is a series of tests designed to measure the performance of a computer or device CPU (or SoC). »

  • 5 Email Marketing Tips for Small Business

    Email marketing is an effective online marketing technique for small businesses. Here are 5 handy email marketing tips for small business owners and Internet marketers. »

  • SEO certification

    SEO certification is the education and training that leads to an individual's certification or skills assessment in search engine optimization & marketing. »

  • domain authority

    Domain authority (site authority) is a measurement to represent how much authority a domain has. This score and how it is calculated varies between SEO tools. »

  • padlock icon

    A padlock icon (lock icon) displayed in a web browser indicates a secure mode where communications between browser and web server are encrypted. »

  • SEO Dictionary: 85 Search Engine Optimization Phrases Defined

    From keyword analysis to backlinks and Google search engine algorithm updates, our search engine optimization glossary lists 85 SEO terms you need to know. »

  • Facebook clone (cloning scam)

    A Facebook clone, also known as a cloning scam, is when a person's profile picture and other information is stolen and used to create a new profile. »

  • 65 Password Security Tips: How to Create and Secure Accounts

    From generating strong passwords to using a password manager many security experts, business owners, and vendors contributed their very best ideas and practical advice for our giant list of password security tips. »

  • password manager

    A password manager is a software application or hardware device to store and manage passwords. Stored passwords are encrypted and requires a master password to access. »

  • NetFlow

    NetFlow is a network protocol, developed by Cisco, that collects and monitors network traffic information to show traffic flow and volume on the network. »

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