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Software-Defined Infrastructure Definition & Meaning

Software-defined infrastructure (SDI) is a holistic design for data center management that uses software to control hardware and automate typical processes without requiring human involvement. This allows the data center to function independently and efficiently. IT engineers program the infrastructure with initial specifications, including coordinating hardware functions, updating hardware when needed, and troubleshooting and fixing issues. SDI provides access to multiple clouds, both public and private. 

Software-defined infrastructure provides the overall structure for everything software defined: it’s the control mechanism that automates a software-defined data center (SDDC) and allows human workers to perform more strategic tasks than manually managing hardware. A software-defined data center includes software-defined networking, software-defined compute, and software-defined storage, which run everything in the data center virtually.

SDI also allows businesses to expand their use of hybrid cloud environments (rather than just public or private). A hybrid cloud environment offers a more flexible infrastructure because it offers the public cloud’s agile nature as well as the control and security of the organization’s private cloud. 

Artificial intelligence in software-defined infrastructure

Software-defined infrastructure also benefits heavily from the development of AI. Before a software-defined infrastructure is deployed, IT engineers have to design the infrastructure and program instructions for it. The software still depends on its programming to run successfully. Through artificial intelligence and machine learning, SDI develops the ability to learn processes and make decisions about resources within the infrastructure. As it progressively gathers information, AI can intelligently identify, attack, and resolve errors.

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