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Nonprofit CRM Software

Nonprofit CRM software is a customer relationship management application designed to help nonprofits build strong relationships with donors, partners, and associates.

Running a nonprofit or advocacy organization has its share of challenges, including data management, communication, and donor recruitment and retention. As the number of contacts increases, it becomes harder to do the manual tasks of tracking and making follow-ups with prospects and existing donors. This is where the CRM software comes in—it automates tasks, streamlines processes, organizes donor information for quick and real-time access, links different departments, tracks all communication, and helps simplify managing events and activities.

Nonprofit CRM systems are not only for donor management, but also for organizing constituents for various causes and advocacies, enhancing an organization’s communication to improve community relations, increasing donor engagement, and boosting the organization’s fundraising capabilities.

Nonprofit CRM features

Typical nonprofit CRM software features built-in donation tools for personalized engagement with contacts and for creating sustainable fundraising strategies. It integrates contact information and business processes with an organization’s objectives, letting users focus on building and establishing relationships that bear positive results. A personalized experience is an effective way of connecting with people.

With Salesforce, Microsoft, and SAP leading the way in commercial CRMs, the CRM industry is expected to grow by over $80 billion in revenue by 2025. Nonprofit CRMs are designed to address the specific needs of not-for-profit and non-government organizations. And whether for commercial or non-commercial use, CRM is a business essential.

Top nonprofit CRMs include Salesforce, Salsa, and NeonCRM. They offer advanced features such as:

  • fundraising and donor management

  • marketing automation and targeted communication

  • customizable campaign builder

  • grants management

  • program and service delivery

  • online petitions

  • dashboards and reporting tools

  • membership and volunteer management

  • dashboard analytics

  • peer-to-peer fundraising and events

  • APIs and integrations

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