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Customer Experience Manager (CXM)

Customer Experience Managers (CXM or CEM for short) are tasked with ensuring customers have positive experiences with a company throughout the customer lifecycle, from being engaged by marketing or advertising initiatives to purchasing a product or service to receiving support for their purchase and finally to purchasing additional products or services from the company or advocating for the company’s products via ratings, reviews, or word of mouth.

By creating and delivering an optimal customer experience strategy, customer experience managers create a higher likelihood of brand loyalty and positive advocacy for the company and its products or services while also increasing overall revenues and customer LTV (lifetime value).

Customer Experience Manager Skills and Responsibilities

Customer Experience Managers work closely with other managers as well as senior leadership within an enterprise and are often consulted in helping optimize product research and development, customer service, usability and user experience (UX) design, and sales and marketing. As a result, customer experience managers need to have strong communication skills and be able to work well with others.

Customer Experience managers will frequently benchmark customer experiences through surveys and customer interviews, customer demographic trends and analysis, and in-depth product and competitive product analysis.

This means CXMs need to also be strong both in creative and analytical thinking, and they need to be able to design and execute clearly defined action items that will improve customer experience areas identified as being deficient.

How to Succeed As a Customer Experience Manager

The primary goal for CEMs is to improve the customer experience and as a result increase a customer’s lifetime value, so customer experience managers can expect milestones based on these goals and periodic reviews to ensure progress is being made to improve both customer experience and overall customer LTV.

How quickly a customer experience manager receives raises, bonuses, and/or promotions will depend on meeting their milestone benchmarks and showing quantifiable improvement in the overall customer experience.

Proven CEMs can expect to advance to higher-level management positions in other areas of the business, often into specific department roles where they have been able to impact customer experience the most.

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