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Apple tvOS

Apple tvOS is an operating system originally developed for the fourth-generation edition of the Apple TV digital media receiver and announced on September 9, 2015. tvOS also powers the new Apple TV 4K device, which increases the maximum display format from the 1920x1080 pixels of high definition in the fourth-gen Apple TV to a 3840x2160 ultra-high-definition picture format.

tvOS's Support for Siri

tvOS offers Siri support, which can be accessed by a button on the Siri Remote that comes with the Apple TV 4K to help users quickly and easily find content from a variety of multimedia sources.

Apple TVos

Apple tvOS is currently available on the $149 32GB fourth-generation Apple TV as well as the $179 Apple TV 4K with 32GB of storage and the $199 version of Apple TV 4K with 64GB of storage.

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