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Apple HomePod

Apple's HomePod is a smart speaker from Apple developed to compete with similar devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home. The HomePod packs seven tweeters, six microphones and a four-inch woofer into a small form factor.

What makes HomePod different from a standard home audio speaker is its ability to access Apple's Siri in order to respond to voice commands and answer questions. And its integration with Apple HomeKit enables it to interact with connected devices and perform smart home functions like changing the temperature on smart thermostats, turning on or off lights, controlling blinds, turning on yard sprinklers, unlocking/locking doors and more.

Apple HomePod

The Apple HomePod will be available for purchase in December 2017. Apple is selling the HomePod for $350, which is twice as much as the cost of the Amazon Echo and the Google Home.

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