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AWS Certification

The Amazon Web Services Certification, or AWS Certification, is a set of training programs and certifications provided by Amazon to credential those seeking to prove their proficiency in Amazon Web Services.

AWS Certification is Valuable in IT

With Amazon's AWS cloud services being ten times larger than the next 14 competitors combined, according to Gartner, an AWS Certification can prove valuable in the IT marketplace and help those who hold a certification command a high salary due to the high demand for AWS knowledge and experience.

In fact, the Amazon Web Services Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification commanded the highest average salary of IT Certifications in 2016, with an average annual salary of $125,871, according to Forbes Magazine.

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What AWS Certifications Are Currently Available?

Amazon provides a path for tiered AWS Certification, with eight certifications available in total: an entry-level foundational certification, three associate-level certifications, two professional-level certifications, and finally two specialty certifications.

AWS Certification

The tiers of AWS Certification are:

Foundational tier:

Associate tier:

Professional tier:

Specialty Tier:

How Do I Earn an AWS Certification?

AWS Certification tests require real-word proficiency and extensive knowledge of specific Amazon Web Services technologies to pass. The initial pass rate for AWS Certification exams is low, and it’s recommended that those pursuing AWS Certification consult AWS Certification training resources and prep guides in advance of taking one of the certification exams.

CloudAcademy Blog has details for each of the AWS Certifications, including costs ($100 to $300 per certification, and $75 for recertification exams), testing times, and exam prerequisites.

Because the cloud computing market is evolving at an extremely rapid rate, Amazon requires AWS Certification holders to recertify every two years.

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