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How to Create a Secure Business VPN

Small Business VPN SecurityA Virtual Private network (VPN) uses a public network (usually the Internet) to connect securely to a private network (such as a company's network) to communicate confidentially over the public network. 

Using a VPN will let you share files and resources – including voice, video or data files -- as though you were physically connected on the same network. It's a good option for remote workers and organizations with global offices and partners to share data in a private manner.

To connect entire networks together via a VPN (commonly called site-to-site connections) it's best to make the connection at each location's main network router or gateway, which requires a router or a gateway with built-in VPN functionality. You'll find most VPN solutions also support remote access to users outside of the office; for example, when your employees use Wi-Fi hotspots at hotels, airports, or even their home. This requires that their computer or mobile device supports the same VPN method as your company's VPN solution.

Small Business Computing  recently discussed how using a VPN benefits your small business network. This article, How to Connect Multiple Offices with VPN provides an excellent overview of VPN protocols, VPN routers, firmware and other important tech issues to consider when setting up a business VPN.

JimMorris said on February 18, 2016 11:48 AM UTC

I can't stress enough to my clients the importance of having a good VPN info-structure in the offices to allow the passage of sensitive data to go freely without the risk of spying or logging by 3rd parties or companies looking to exploit sensitive data.

dynaboot.com said on November 11, 2013 08:49 AM UTC

Awesome tips, thanks!

dynaboot said on October 18, 2013 15:35 PM UTC

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Yasmine Iadarola said on October 15, 2013 10:52 AM UTC

I couldn’t resist commenting. Well written!

dynaboot said on October 07, 2013 07:31 AM UTC

Very useful, thanks for sharing!

Alez said on July 23, 2013 08:09 AM UTC

Its an good Post on VPN is really helpful in while surfing internet. sometime you can not access some website due to regional restriction on web but VPN solve this purpose.

Daniel Naveen Raj said on March 13, 2013 05:40 AM UTC

This was an nice articles, was more usefull abt the web

Stephen Pitts said on March 08, 2013 05:46 AM UTC

Its an Interesting Post. VPN is really helpful in while surfing internet. sometime you can not access some site due to reginal restriction on internet but VPN solve this purpose.

remotetechhelp said on January 03, 2013 05:35 AM UTC

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Web Design said on August 11, 2012 03:46 AM UTC

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