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5 Email Marketing Tips for Small Business

email marketing tipsEmail marketing is still one of the most effective online marketing techniques for small businesses to communicate important messages to customers, partners and clients.

5 Handy Email Marketing Tips

Here are 5 handy tips for small business owners looking to improve their email marketing efforts.

We've had a lot of success sending targeted, re-engagement offers for our hotel and inn clients. The basic idea is to offer something special and exclusive to a past guest or customer who you haven't seen in a while. Using personalization features here (first name, date of their last stay) and a friendly, conversational tone helps these offers be successful.

- Meryl Robinson, email expert and coordinator, Mondo Mediaworks

Three quick tips to grow your email list:

1. Make your website signup prominent and user-friendly.
2. Offer the user something for signing up, like a white paper or a useful and relevant PDF to download, and tell them what great things they can expect from your emails.
3. Promote your newsletter on social media.

- Kelly Kitchel, account manager & email marketing lead, Intuitive Digital

If you are not getting the results you want with your email marketing campaign, test out different subject lines and offers. For example, if your email is not getting opened, it is most likely because your subject line is not engaging enough.  The best subject lines are short, original, and interest-provoking. Once you implement changes to your email, send out an A/B test to two segments of your audience and see which is more successful.

- Victoria Petrucha, content relations coordinator, Teknicks

One of the most important aspects of your email newsletters and promotions is the subject line. We have found great success with subject lines that promote curiosity. Asking a question, teasing a valuable insight, or including unique, emotional words are effective techniques. While the best subject lines are often creative, ensure yours still provides a clear and accurate picture of the content of the Email. Keep the subject line around 30 characters or less, which is ideal for mobile users. Finally, use A/B testing (a feature supported by most major Email marketing tools) to send out different versions of your subject line and learn what works best for your audience.

- Drew Harden, president & co-founder, Blue Compass

How do you get someone to subscribe? I hear that question a lot. The simple answer is: there is no simple answer. Subscription depends on the product you offer and how you present the option. A box at the top saying ‘join our newsletter’ may not be terribly compelling. We live in an age of clickbait, listacles, ‘you won’t believe what happened next’ headlines and other mechanisms designed to solicit a click and read. The voice of many businesses today is much less formal than it was a decade ago. I tend to advise people to employ a clever voice, offer something compelling, and provide a slight discount for opting in. Experiment with the placement of the opt-in field/box on your home page. Make it engaging and valuable to whoever opts in while setting clear expectations.

- Len Shneyder, vice president industry relations, SparkPost

For more great advice, check out this DIY Email Marketing Checklist on Small Business Computing.

Vangie Beal - Webopedia

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This article was originally published on May 16, 2017

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