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Storage Strategies Made Simple

Storage is an immense and complex universe. Once you enter, your mind is soon swimming in strange, even alien concepts.


Definition of the term 'SIMPLE'

Amazon Simple Storage Service - Amazon S3

Amazon's Simple Storage Service, or Amazon S3 for short, is a personal cloud storage service from Amazon.com.


Amazon SimpleDB

A non-relational database cloud service that can be used to store and query data items via web services requests through Amazon Web Services (AWS).

flash storage

Flash storage describes any device or system that uses flash memory. It's a broad term that can describe anything from a simple USB flash drive to a complex enterprise storage system that uses flash memory.

tiered storage

Tiered storage is a storage networking method where data is stored on various types of media based on performance, availability and recovery requirements.

enterprise storage

Enterprise storage is a broad category that includes products and services designed to assist large organizations with saving and retrieving digital information. Enterprise storage can handle large volumes of data and large numbers of users.

storage networking

Storage networking is the practice of linking together storage devices and connecting them to other IT networks.


(1) The capacity of a device to hold and retain data.

(2) Short for mass storage.