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Author - Vangie Beal

  • Vangie Beal is the Managing Editor of Webopedia.com. Prior to joining Webopedia, she covered small business marketing, social media and technology for numerous online and print publications. A small business owner herself, Vangie owns and operates a seasonal fish market, located along the Minas basin in Five Islands, Nova Scotia.

  • Google URL shortener

    The Google URL shortener, at goo.gl, is a free, online URL shorten service (also called a redirection service). »

  • Tiny URL

    TinyURL is the name of a free, online URL shorten service (also called a redirection service). »

  • Windows Firewall

    Windows Firewall is a Microsoft Windows application that filters information coming to your system from the Internet and blocking potentially harmful programs. »

  • Comodo Firewall

    Comodo Firewall is one of several free Internet security tools for Microsoft Windows, developed by Comodo Group. »

  • CPU cooler

    A CPU cooler is device designed to draw heat away from the system CPU and other components in the enclosure. »

  • CPU-Z

    CPU-Z is a freeware application for Microsoft Windows or Android device that gathers system information and displays the details in a single screen. »

  • clickbait

    Clickbait is online content, often sensational or controversial in nature, that tempts a person to click and view the story at the source publication. »

  • 10 Quick Tips for Social Media Marketing

    To be successful in social media you need time and dedication. You can't hurry the process or be slack in participating in the conversation. »

  • soft sale (soft selling)

    A soft sale is when the initial email marketing contact uses a gentle, service-based tone in relation to a specific user experience. »

  • email list segmentation

    Email list segmentation is when you segment (or split) your subscriber list, based on any number of conditions. »

  • HammerTap

    HammerTap is an eBay research tool designed to help eBay sellers by providing market research tools and webinars. »

  • TQM - The Quant Method

    The Quant Method (TQM) is a behavioral marketing strategy to help ecommerce business owners build trust and break down a consumer's resistance to buy. »

  • roll-up flexible screen

    A roll-up flexible screen is one that can be bent, rolled-up, scrunched and generally manipulated in ways not possible with traditional displays. »

  • Year In Review: Top 10 Tech Terms of 2015

    The most popular Webopedia definitions of 2015. »

  • machine learning

    In computer science machine learning refers to a type of data analysis that uses algorithms that learn from data. »

  • WebRTC - Web real time communication

    WebRTC is a technology used for real-time human voice and video communications. The technology enables video and audio streaming in addition to data sharing between clients. »

  • 3D XPoint

    3D XPoint is the technology behind a new type of nonvolatile memory developed jointly by Intel and Micron Technology. »

  • Windows 10 Tips for Desktop PC

    Five basic tips to help you customize Windows 10 on your desktop PC. »

  • VRF - virtual routing and forwarding

    Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF) is an IP technology in some network routers that can be configured to allow multiple instances of a routing table on your router to work at the same time. »

  • 29 Free Android Apps for Cash-Strapped Students

    From wacky alarm clocks to lecture hall tools and after class entertainment, these Android apps are a good fit for a student's life and budget. »

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