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Big Data Analytics Expert Predictions

In this Webopedia Did You Know...? article we look at three big data expert predictions for 2014.

As organizations improve internal processes and systems to collect, organize and analyze large sets of data, big data analytics will continue to play an important role in identifying the data that is most important to the business. In this Webopedia Did You Know...? article we look at three big data expert predictions for 2014.

1. Enter the Big Data Product Manager

Concurrent Big DataConcurrent, Inc., an enterprise big data application platform company, predicts that 2014 will be a year of bigger data, bigger funding and bigger failures. Gary Nakamura, CEO of Concurrent, Inc. says big data will open the door to a new career opportunity this year.

"As enterprises work to bridge the emerging gap between Big Data projects and business processes, this opens the door to a new career opportunity. The role of Big Data product manager will entail the identification, definition and shipping of specific data products aimed to solve critical business problems and maximize opportunities. It will require product management and data experience, along with a deep understanding of data science, and will become the norm as companies recognize that they are in the business of data."

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2. New Applications Will Offer a Wider Range of Analytics

IBM Big DataAccording to Inhi Suh, IBM vice president of big data, integration, and governance, businesses in 2014 will sharpen their focus on big data.

"A bigger investment in big data. Big data insights aren't free, of course, particularly when they involve spending real money on a Hadoop platform. But that won't stop companies from investing in big data platforms. New applications in 2014 will enable a wider range of analytics, including reporting, dashboards and planning, predictive analytics, recommendations, and new cognitive capabilities for transactional, social, mobile, and other data types, says Suh."

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3. Data Analysts Will be Empowered

Revolution AnalyticsThe Revolution Analytics team offered a few predictions about big data analytics, data science and R for 2014. Michele Chambers, Chief Strategy Officer and VP Product Management, says the demand for data analysts will rise and will be empowered through easy-to-use tools to leverage insights.

"In 2014, data analysts will be empowered through easy-to-use tool that leverage the insights of data scientists, by providing real-time forecasts and recommendations in their day-to-day business tools. Better analytics will make data analysis more effective, while automation frees up data scientists to focus on strategic initiatives and unlocking further value in corporate data stores.'

"The dam will break for the data scientist supply and demand issue of 2013 for two reasons. First: higher education institutions have quickly adapted to this market need with custom programs to train the next generation of data scientists. In 2014, those grads will be entering the workforce. Second: companies are getting better at carving out focused, big picture projects for data scientists and pushing smaller and line of business projects to business users and data analyst."

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Based in Nova Scotia, Canada, Vangie Beal has been covering small business, electronic commerce and Internet technology for more than a decade. You can tweet with her online @AuroraGG.

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